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The critically acclaimed guitarist Trond Kallevåg presents new music with his brand new trio inspired by the old Norwegian-American broadside murder- and cowboy-ballads.

Trond has brought with him two of the most talented and diligent musicians in Norwegian jazz: Gard Nilsen and Mats Eilertsen. Drummer Gard Nilsen has won several Norwegian Grammys and has played with greats such as Bill Frisell and Pat Metheny. Mats Eilertsen is probably the most innovative and hardworking Scandinavian bass-player to date. He has also won several Norwegian Grammys and has released many of his albums on the legendary record label ECM.

The title "Minnesota" refers to the state in the United States where very many Norwegian emigrants settled in the 19th century. The United States had a great appeal to those who did not fit in, the lawless and those who wanted something else. The music continues to spin on Trond's two previously critically acclaimed albums "Bedehus & Hawaii" and "Fengselsfugl" which were strongly inspired by ols broadside ballads that were popular in the 1800s. This time, Trond has found inspiration in the state of Minnesota and old American Cowboy- and Murder-ballads that were popular in the 19th century.


Trond has released three internationally acclaimed albums on the renowned norwegian record label Hubro. His unique sense of melody and his american and polynesian inspired guitarplaying sounds original but still strangely familiar. It's no coincidence that several big international reviewers have drawn parallels to Bill Frisell and Ry Cooder. He has released two albums on the international acclaimed Norwegian record label Hubro. His latest album “Fengselsfugl” was the long-awaited follow-up to his critically acclaimed album and Hubro debut “Bedehus & Hawaii” (Prayer house and Hawaii) from 2019 which was highlighted as one of the 15 best jazz albums in 2019 by Bandcamp - one of the world's largest websites for selling music.

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Trond Kallevåg: Guitar, Pedalsteel guitar and electronics

Mats Eilertsen: Double bass and electronics

Gard Nilsen: Drums and percussion

"An incomparable mix of good sound"
Jazznytt (2021)


"Perfect medicine against the wear and tear of modern life"
- Musicmap (Best 20 international recordings of 2021)

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