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Time is a blind guide

Thomas Strønen’s Time is a blind guide (TIABG) is a true chamber music ensemble with a strong group sound performing compelling compositions. It draws lines from traditional folk music to contemporary music, performed by some of Europe's finest jazz musicians.

The quintet combines three elements important to Strønen's writing; a stringtrio, a piano trio and sometimes a percussion ensemble. TIAbG fulfill the

delicate balance between challenging and captivate the audience with textures, sounds and beautiful melodies.

Time is a blind guide, foto av band 3.jpg

Thomas Strønen's Time Is a Blind Guide Delivers Thoughtful Improvisations and Stellar Group Dynamics on 'Lucus' …the ensemble communicates with one another almost as if they're of one hive mind. -Lucus reflects the development of a spectacular group of improvisers.  - Pop matters, Andy Rurik


“Time Is A Blind Guide is, quite simply, a stunning record that stands out in Strønen's already impressive discography as one of his most expansive, cinematic and flat-out lyrical albums to date. An album so compelling that it truly deserves the term masterpiece, in a time when the word "classic" is bantered about far too often, it also creates hope that there will be more Time Is A Blind Guide compositions to come from Strønen's pen...and from this nimble group, clearly responsive and connected to his music at the deepest, mitochondrial level.” 5/5 stars - All about jazz, John Kelman


Listening to this 52-minute program is akin to strolling through an art exhibition in which some of the musical segments are serene landscapes and others are “action” paintings by Abstract Expressionists. Overall, this sonic journey is a rewarding one.

 - Down Beat (Editors pick), Bobby Reed

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