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May 2-6, 2022


Footprints Europe

Bendik is now participating in Footprints Europe. Working on sustainable tours in Europe. Feel free to subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date with the project. And find out what Bendik will be up to this year:



April 21, 2022

New booking agent and new artists 

The list of collaborations has grown, and as a natural consequence - so have we! In January 2022, Thea Arnesdotter Lien joined as a booking agent in Bendik Bookings. 

Our roster has expanded to 14 different acts, and we are proud to represent so many talented and great musicians and artists. Check out both old and new artists on our artist page.

November 24, 2021


New artists

After some years booking for Time is a blind guide, Maria Kannegaard Trio and Duetrost, I have decided to develop my business by collaborating with more artists.


I have talked to bands that I find exciting and have agreed to collaborate with the following: 

  • Hans Magnus Ryan & Thomas Strønen

  • Moskus

  • Damata

  • Masåva

  • Why Kai

  • Wendra Hill

Check out their music on the artist page 


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