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Jort Terwijn’s Önder is a bass ensemble with double bass, bassguitar, two bassclarinets and drums. They create a fresh and rare installation of bass instruments in the context of acoustic-electronic instrumental music. Compositions go from hypnotic, labyrinthine drones to chopped-up beats and from open soundscapes to harsh avant-garde constantly on the quest for new curves in the musical lineage of jazz.

Through the Footprints Europe programme, Önder will be touring in Slovenia and surrounding countries in 2023.The project is in collaboration with partners around Europe including Druga Godba. 

Önder, Vol. 2 (release in January 2023)

After the succesfully received debut album Önder, vol.1, the second album is in the making. The sequel of vol.1 will be a collection of recent experienced stories. With songs about beloved ones, buleria rhythms, floodings, brain hurricanes, failing politicians and ballet. This volume is reflection of the past two years and shining light towards the future. Önder creates a new frame of reference where the conventional conditions and assumptions of how the bass should be approached, perceived or understood are shifted.


Önder, vol.1 (March 2022)

“Önder, vol.1” is the debut album of Jort Terwijn’s Önder, accompanied by bass clarinettist Federico Calcagno, bassguitar/modulair synth player Daan Leever and drummer Nick Tessalonikefs. ÖNDER contains five stories about serial killers, places of belonging, a homage to Iceland, nostalgic disorientation and “Crushed Drum N Bass” penned by Jort Terwijn and produced by Jort Terwijn and Alessandro Mazzieri.

Line up:

Jort Terwijn – Double bass/Guitara Portuguesa/Synths

Federico Calcagno – Bassclarinet

Hristo Goleminov – Bassclarinet

Alessandro Mazzieri – Bassguitar/production

Nick Thessalonikefs - Drums

Photo: Govert Driessen

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